Essential Checks Your Motorhome Needs Before A Trip

Essential motorhome checks before you go

Looking to reveal the essential motorhome checks? Most of us MOT or service our car every year, and your motorhome is no exception. Indeed, we complete loads of motorhome MOTs and services all year round. But, most of us don’t use our motorhomes or campervans on a regular basis, and they are often left parked or inactive for long periods of time. That’s why your travelling mechanical home-from-home should be checked out before every major road trip.

Read on below to discover the ESSENTIAL motorhome safety checks you need before every trip.

Size matters when it comes to a motorhome garage

Some garages are not big enough to bring your motorhome inside so will only check your motorhome outdoors and may be unable to complete the full repairs. Others will send your motorhome to another location, which you haven’t vetted. But that’s not what we do. We have a garage with ramps large enough to manage any motorhome. From a micro Romahome to giant Elddis or Auto-Sleeper our inspection equipment is big enough to cope. Plus we have a high ceilinged workshop, and a deep inspection pit so can check under and over every aspect of your vehicle.

FREE motorhome safety checks in Wakefield

Your safety is paramount to us, here at Cross Lane Garage. That’s why we offer a free visual safety inspection to everyone’s motorhome. We will check your lights, oil and fluid levels, tyre pressure and general engine health. This way, we can identify any potential problems and solve them for you. Leaving you to enjoy your trip, knowing that your motorhome will keep you and your passengers safe and sound.

Here are the ESSENTIAL motorhome checks

Motorhome tyres

Did you know that motorhome approved tyres are not the same as standard car tyres? The wrong tyres can result in split seams, or worse. Let us check that you have the right tyre, at the same time as inspecting your tyre pressure. We will also make sure that you have enough tyre tread to see you through your long trip. As you may think your tyre tread is ok now, but how will it look after the next few hundred miles? Let us help you to be sure that your wheels will roll safely.

Motorhome brakes

You may think that your brakes feel fine, but if you are about to embark on a month’s long-distance road trip, then you will be putting your brakes under pressure. Get them checked before you go and make sure any worn or uneven brake pads are changed. Click here to read more about the 5 Sure Signs Your Brakes Need Changing to be sure.

Motorhome engines and clutches

We make sure that your engine and clutch are checked over to guarantee your motorhome’s driving health. If anything needs repairing or replacing we have a team of experienced welders and mechanics who can fix your camper or motorhome quickly and cheaply. After all, you don’t want to left stranded on a remote European layby.

Motorhome lights

Let us make sure that your lights are working. We see plenty of campervans and motorhomes with broken indicators, hazards or even the wrong bulbs. Don’t get caught out by European police with an instant fine, let us check you out and stay beaming on your road trip.

Motorhome battery

After a peaceful night in a remote location can you imagine turning your ignition and nothing happens. Don’t be stranded outside of phone signal and civilisation. Get your battery checked over before your trip.

Motorhome air conditioning

This is often the most over-looked, yet the most essential check. Whether you are sleeping or driving, if you are touring the Meditteranean coast without any air conditioning it will be a trip you will remember for all the wrong reasons. Let us check over your air conditioning and keep your cool during your long trip in the sun.

Planning your next road trip? Come see us

If you’re looking to get away soon then make sure you give us a call to book your motorhome or camper in. Whether you require a full service and MOT or just a quick safety once-over, we are here to help. With a high ceiling garage and large inspection equipment, we can safely check your motorhome or camper no matter how big it is.

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