How do you know if your car air conditioning is broken?

Is your car air conditioning broken?

Our top 10 reasons why your car air conditioning may be broken…

It’s summer and it’s hot outside. But, why is your car so hot? Maybe your car air conditioning unit is broken.

A question we get asked a lot is:

“How do I know if my car air conditioning is broken “

Your car’s air con system is what keeps your car cool and comfortable. So, when it’s not working in the summer you really feel it! Your car air conditioning also regulates the temperature within your car across the rest of the year and it’s one of the things that get worn and damaged over time. If you feel that it’s not working properly then it’s something you should get checked out.

Although, if you’re not quite sure if it needs an air conditioning check or repair, then here are the top 10 signs of real car air conditioning system problems. If you notice any of these signs, you need to have it checked out right away.

1. Weak airflow

A weak airflow coming out of your car air conditioner vents means that the air is having trouble reaching your air vents. The problem can be due to mould or mildew in the evaporator core, problems with your blower hose, faulty ventilation fan or seal issues.

2. Leaking dashboard

A visible water stain on your floor or units might mean that your actual dashboard is leaking. A leaking dashboard can be a sign that your hose is blocked. This is common with older vehicles due to use and moisture over time. This can create lots of further damage so it’s best to get it checked out quickly!

3. Losing your cool

When you notice your car’s air conditioning starts to lose its cool it may be time for a recharge! Lack of refrigerant is usually the main cause which can be fixed with a quick air conditioning recharge and service. But, it also could be due to a more serious issue like clogged tube or hose, broken compressor, damaged condenser or evaporator. It might even be a failed fuse or switch. If it’s more serious then a simple air conditioning refill then you may need a bit of fault finding and repair.

4. Leaking refrigerant

The refrigerant is the stuff that keeps everything cool. If you know that your air con unit has recently been refilled or notice that you can’t get it cool even after it’s been turned on for a while then there’s a chance that your refrigerant is leaking. This can often be the case due to wear and tear so you may need your seals and hoses servicing and repairing to stop your refrigerant from escaping.

A leaking refrigerant needs an urgent fix as it can damage other vital parts of your air con.

5. Air starts out cold then suddenly goes warm

This is a common problem; you turn your air con on and it blows cold. But, then all of a sudden it gets warm! This might be down to a leak, something blocking the refrigerant or some internal damage that stops your system maintaining the right pressure. Whatever it is, it’s definitely a problem and needs fixing!

6. Unusual noise

We all know that when it comes to our cars that any funny noises or rattling are not good and shouldn’t be ignored. With you, car air conditioning it could be a sign of a breakage or blockage so let an expert take a look.

7. Bad smells from your AC

If the air from your car air conditioning vents smells funny then it may be a sure sign that your filters are dirty or worn. It might be fixed by a simple clean or you may need a replacement. A regular service of your car air conditioning system will help to prevent this, and may also help to save you money by reducing your fuel consumption.

8. Air con is always on or won’t turn on

If your compressor clutch is broken, or not moving, then your air con will be stuck either always on or always off. Meaning that your air con is working overtime OR it may be stopped from getting any power at all so just won’t work. In most cases, once your compressor clutch is replaced your air conditioning will be fixed.

9. Leaking oil

We don’t mean a traditional leak underneath your car – this relates to any component of your air conditioning unit leaking oil. As it’s often an internal leak you may not spot this but you will notice your car’s sudden inability to produce cool air. A quick inspection will get this spotted and fixed for you.

10. Your air conditioning smells like burning

This is an obvious sign of a broken car air con unit. It’s usually due to wiring problems or damage. It goes without saying that if you ever smell burning that you need to get it looked at quickly! Often some wire replacements or repairs should fix this problem.

Let us help?

Obviously, this is not the full extent of issues you may have with your car conditioning, but it’s a good overview of the main issues we see. In most cases, the fix to your car air conditioning problem is done the same day and is simple and low cost.

If you have any concerns about your car air conditioning, or if you just want a quick car air con service or recharge, then get in touch!