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Car Repairs in Wakefield

At Cross Lane Garage we offer a wide range of car repairs in Wakefield. Our team of experienced mechanics have a wide range of experience when it comes to finding the source of your car’s problem and fixing it. From diagnosing the rattling from under your car as a suspension problem to replacing a slippy clutch, we can help you. 

Most of the time you may not know what’s wrong with your car. All you know is that your car is making strange noises, such as grinding or rattling. Or there may be a red light that flashes up on your dashboard. The moment that you car doesn’t look, feel or sound right is the moment that need our help. Being experts at car fault finding we will work out what is wrong with your car. Then we’ll give you a fair quote and, with your approval, we’ll repair the problem and get you back on the road.

As a fully operation car garage we offer almost every type of car repair except car body work. Some of the common repairs we complete include:

  • Brake repairs new brakes and brake replacement
  • New clutches and clutch repairs
  • Car suspension repairs 
  • Oil and oil filter repairs and replacement
  • Brake repairs and new brakes
  • Air conditioning
  • Steering wheel and power steering repairs 
  • Car light repairs
  • Windscreen wiper repairs
  • Wheel alignment repairs
  • Exhaust repairs and new exhausts
  • New car batteries
  • Tyre puncture repairs and new tyres
  • MOT repairs
  • Engine repairs
  • Belts, hoses and cooling systems
  • Car transmission
  • Car air conditioning systems
  • Welding
Car repairs wakefield

Specialists in Car Brakes, Clutches and Suspension

Some of the most frequent problems we hear about from our customer’s relates to brake grinding, rattling under the car (suspension) and crunching clutches. So, we have become highly trained and experienced with brake repair, clutch repair and car suspension repair. If you are in the Wakefield area and experiencing unusual sounds, or lights, from your car then please get in touch for some free advice.

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