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Combined MOT and Service Wakefield

“Should I book my MOT and Service together?”

There are lots of benefits in combining your MOT and Service. Time, cost and convenience are the main reasons. But, to answer this question in full, we first need to explain the differences between the two. As one is a legal requirement and the other is not it’s important to understand what they both do.

What’s the difference between a Service or MOT?

So, which is the legal requirement and which is not? Your MOT is the legal check, set by the DVSA. Your service is not. Although both are recommended.

MOT – this is a visual inspection which determines whether your vehicle meets road safety standard. If you drive without a valid MOT certificate, then you are breaking the law. During your MOT check, we examine your breaks, lights and tyres, among other things (click here to see more about MOTs). As the inspection criteria are set by the DVSA, the MOT is the same for all cars.

Have you forgotten when your MOT is due? Just click here and check it out online here.

SERVICE – although this may not be a legal requirement some level of car servicing is needed to prolong your car’s smooth running, as well as holding its value when you come to sell. The difference between this and your MOT each year is that it includes the replacement of your car’s worn service parts or fluids and some stripping down of key safety components. Unlike your MOT, there are many different types of service which are specified by your car manufacturer or age of your vehicle. So, your service needs will vary from car to car and year to year. If you are uncertain what service is due, then ask your local garage, or us.

So, WHY book your MOT and Service together?

(1) Save Money

Most garages offer a fixed price for both service and MOT. Also, if your MOT highlights any potential failures, then your garage may be able to rectify these during your service. So you save money from having to pay out for the repairs and then again for your service at a later time. Plus, if you opt for your local garage the labour costs are significantly cheaper than the main dealer or a national chain, so your overall combined price will be far more reasonable.

(2) Save Time

Nobody wants to waste their time, so why would you waste yours by driving to 2 separate garages on different days. What initially seems cheaper, may end up costing more in duplicated checks, fuel and your own valuable time.

(3) Avoid Duplication Of Checks

As both your MOT and service are mainly inspections, if you book the wrong service you will find that it duplicates large parts of your MOT inspection. Why waste your time and money? Also, the results of your MOT might show that you don’t need a full or major service. So by letting the same garage complete your MOT first, you may even save money. If you want to know a bit more about the types of car servicing, then read our blog on What Car Service Do I Need?

Book your combined MOT and Service in Wakefield

In summary, for legal reasons and your safety, we would always advise that do need both regular car servicing and a valid MOT. However, this does not have to cost the earth.

If you want to save time and money with a trustworthy local garage, then call us. We offer low cost, combined car servicing and MOT checks.

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