What Car Service Do I Need?

What Car Service Do I need

As a car owner knowing how to keep your car safe and roadworthy is tricky. That’s why your annual service is essential! But what car service do you need?

If you are confused by what car service you need then you are not alone. There are lots of options, each with a different price tag and safety check-list. Plus, there is usually a service schedule set by your car manufacturer which you must obey. If you don’t then you may find your car warranty is void or your vehicle won’t run as effectively as it should. But, how do you follow this and know what annual safety check your car is due?

So, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest questions any service garage receives is:

” What type of service does my car need? “

There are lots of types of car servicing (see our service page) so read on to learn which is best for you.

What’s Involved In Each Car Service And Is It For Me?

As an MOT and service garage, there are 3 main services types that we regularly complete. To help you make the right decision you need to understand what is involved with each of these and who they suit best.

(1) Oil & Filter Change

The most basic annual check is a simple oil and filter change. Although it may be the cheapest and quickest service, it rarely covers everything that your car needs. Put simply; this is “what it says on the tin” and checks very little of the other safety requirements. So, we would usually recommend this as an interim check between annual services for drivers who want to take preventative vehicle maintenance measures. Or, it is for someone on a very tight budget!

Oil and filter checks include:

  • Engine oil drained and refilled
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Some visual safety inspections

YES – The oil and filter change will help your car to maintain optimum performance levels without the expense of a full service.

NO – This service is not eligible for a stamp in your log book

(2) Interim Service

An interim car check is best for 2 types of driver. Firstly it’s for high mileage drivers covering 15,000+ miles a year. If this applies to you, then you ideally require a service twice a year or every 7,000-10,000 miles. It ensures that your road-hammering car stays safe and fully roadworthy between annual services and gives you complete peace of mind.

The second type of car owner this is ideal for is a local driver who uses their vehicle for regular, short journeys in and around town. If this is you, then you will usually find that it’s alternated each year with a full service, according to most car manufacturer schedules and staying safe.

An Interim car service includes:

  • Engine oil and filter replacement
  • Car coolant check and refill
  • Brake and washer fluid checks and refill
  • Visual brake check
  • Brake pipes and hoses
  • Full tyre checks
  • Steering and suspension
  • Battery and wiring
  • Car electrics
  • Interior checks: warning lights, horn, windscreen wipers, interior lights, seat belts, clutch & engine diagnostic codes
  • Exterior checks: lights, doors, boot & fuel cap

YES – suitable for well-maintained low mileage cars every other year or as an interim check for high-mileage drivers

YES – Receives a vehicle road test and stamp in your service log book

(3) Full Service

This type of service is the most popular for drivers with safety and car-care in mind. Because it provides a much broader range of checks and part replacements it is more intensive and expensive that the interim service. However, no matter what type of driver you are the full service is ideal for most of us as part of our annual service. Indeed, it is the standard specified service by most vehicle manufacturers.

It includes all of the same as an interim plus the following:

  • Climate control and air conditioning
  • Car mirror condition and operation
  • Power steering
  • Auxiliary drive belts
  • Radiator and coolant hoses
  • Full brake inspection
  • All fuel pipes
  • Engine, transmission and rear axle Train Drive
  • Drive shafts and gaiters
  • Exhaust
  • Fuel filter replacement (diesel engines)
  • Spark plugs (petrol engines)
  • Air filter replacement
  • General check and replacement of parts (with specified manufacturer parts)
  • And more

YES – The complete car safety check suitable for every make and model

YES – Receives a vehicle road test and stamp in your service log book

How Do I Find Out Which Service I Need?

The answer to this question is simple – look in your car log book or better still, ASK YOUR GARAGE! That is why we at Cross Lane Garage have access to a central servicing database which details almost every car make and model. So give us your car registration and let us do the rest.

Also, do always check your car service log. Although we always ensure that your logbook is officially stamped (for all eligible checks), some garages may forget. If your last garage made a mistake, it could invalidate your warranty!

Can I Use A Local Garage If I have a Digital Service Book?

Yes, you can. If, like us, the garage is an Independent Owner Garage they will have full access to your digital service book online. In our case, we can complete whichever service you schedule is showing and then log it properly through your vehicles online service history. Better still, we can tell you what car service you need!

Service With A Smile

At Cross Lane Garage we offer the above plus further car, van and motorhome servicing, MOTs and repairs. We know how important it is to keep costs low while ensuring that your vehicle is as safe and roadworthy as possible. So, we offer main dealer parts or lower-priced alternatives dependant on your budget, desire and new car warranty status.

(If you want to learn more about protecting your new car warranties read our blog on “You Don’t Have To Service With A Main Dealer“)

Furthermore, we always try to go the extra mile in helping you.

So if you are near Wakefield and want to know what car service you need get in touch today!