Hot Wheels This Summer?

Hot Wheels Summer Car Check

It’s a scorching summer and the schools are almost out. We are all loving this hot weather but is it the same for your car? Hot wheels and high temperatures can really take their toll on your car. 

Want to know what problems your car may encounter and how can you overcome them? Read on…

Hot wheels and hot weather

Normally, when it comes to our car tyres we are concerned with avoiding sharp objects on the road and punctures. However, hot wheels and warm weather can together cause problems. One issue is that the hot temperatures can increase the pressure in your tyres leading to tyre expansion or over-inflation. And noone wants their tyre to go POP! Another concern is higher stress levels in your tyre tracks, creating bubbles in your tyres. These problems can lead to a blow-out whilst you are driving and be a massive safety issue. Plus, if your tyre pressure isn’t right the heat will cause extra havoc with your drive!

So, during the heat wave make sure that you remember to get your tyres checked. Or, if your car is in for its annual service then most certainly make sure that you get your tyres checked as part of it! To be safe you want to be certain that they are inflated to the correct pressure and that the tread depth is within the legal limits. Plus any signs of wear and tear are best to checked over by an expert eye. If you are near Wakefield please do pop in, or give us a call, and we are always happy to help you with your car or tyres!

Smelly car air conditioning

Because it’s hot we obviously use our car air conditioning far more. Furthermore, for it to produce the cold air we need, our car air conditioning systems have to work a lot harder in the high heat. So, it’s only natural that these may overheat, have old and broken filters or need a recharge. A quick check with any decent car air conditioning garage will soon fix your smelly air, or warm air, problems!

Reduced car battery life

The sun may recharge our human happiness batteries but it can cause your car’s battery fluid to evaporate! If your battery appears to be losing charge quickly then this might be the cause. To help maintain the health of your car battery try to ensure that it is kept clean, corrosion-free and as cool as possible. Ideally, get your car service centre to check your battery as part of your annual service. We offer this as part of our Full & Manufacturers service plans but are happy to complete a professional car battery health check whenever you need.

Transmission failure

The transmission is one of the most important factors to the car. It comes under massive pressure during the summer heat and can be prone to failure if it isn’t properly managed and maintained. Really, you want to be scheduling regular transmission maintenance at least once a year. And don’t forget to include fluid and filter changes each year, or approximately every 20,000 miles. A good annual car service should take care of this.

Belts, hoses & cooling systems

Long periods of high heat can have an effect on the hoses and belts that help to maintain your car’s operational temperature. Usually, a simple visual check can keep an eye on any areas of damage around these connectors and clamps. Essentially you want to ensure that all the fluids (oils and coolants) are freely flowing to maintain the performance of your car or van.  It is clever to have your cooling system pressure tested for leaks, then flushed and filled on a regular basis.

In summary, summer is here and it’s amazing. But with school holidays, hotter roads and hot wheels we need to more certain than ever that our cars are safe. Make sure you check yours before any big journeys!