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van SERVICING & MOT Checks in Wakefield

Our class 4 van MOT checks are always at a low fixed price, and for value and service, are the best in Wakefield. Usually at just £30 per van MOT test, we can help you to be certain that your van is safe and roadworthy.

Your vehicle can either pass or fail the MOT. If it fails, we will give you a list of things that need to be fixed and can help you fix them. Once this is done we then offer you a free retest.

When your van passes it’s MOT we will issue you a certificate (MOT certificate). Also we will record your vehicle’s results in the MOT database.

 And, why not save yourself time and inconvenience and book your van service with us at the same time? As we also do van servicing and health checks.
  • Van MOT tests
  • Van servicing
  • Fleet or private vans welcome


We are a Class 4 approved and accredited van MOT testing centre in Wakefield. As an approved test centre, we have an in-house AE MOT tester who is authorised by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). 

As we complete all van MOT checks in-house this means we can keep our costs low. We can then pass this saving on to you. 

Cheap van MOT checks are what we do best!

Is Your Van a Class 4?

A question we often get asked is “what MOT class is my Van?” The answer is that it’s most likely a Class 4 or Class 7. Class 4  MOT checks are for vans weighing up to 3000 KG. If your van is larger (upto 3500 KG) then it’s a class 7. Our MOT bays are fully approved for Class 4 MOT testing. However, if you’re van is a Class 7 then we can still help! We arrange Class 7 MOT tests all the time with a trusted, approved partner. So if you’re in doubt do get in touch and we can help you either way.

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How often should You Get Your Van MOT check done?

Your van requires it’s MOT every year once it’s past it’s third birthday in the UK. MOT Test stands for Ministry of Transport Test (although the Ministry of Transport no longer exists) and around 53,000 people are qualified to do the test in the UK. It’s illegal to drive a van that’s not passed its MOT, unless you’re driving to a pre-arranged MOT test or to have something fixed that the MOT has highlighted. 


We can help you to find out when your van is due it’s next MOT check – just click on the green button above! This official MOT checking tool is run by the Government’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency so should be very accurate. Once you’ve checked this be sure to call us and book your van MOT in Wakefield!


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